A Home Inspection is a visible, non-invasive inspection of a home. What this means is that we go through the house, inspecting the various components of a house without damaging any finishes or moving large furniture or wall coverings. We search for dangerous situations, structural concerns and anything that may affect the value of the house. Home inspections are performed according the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice.

At Fortified we use modern home inspection software to report on the observations and details that are revealed during the inspection. This ensures that the information is presented in an easy to understand manner, using terms that are understandable to the average homeowner. Our report also includes suggestions on items that are not concerns at the time of the inspection but may become an issue over time.

We encourage our clients to be at the inspection and follow us through the home so that you are there to ask any questions that arise. This is the best chance you have to gain a greater understanding as to how your house functions. We encourage questions and are eager to share our knowledge with you. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to making a decision on buying a house.

During a home inspection, and in the report, we will give general home maintenance suggestions that can help to prolong the life of your home. This information is very valuable, especially to the first time home buyer, as they may not be aware of the little things that can be done that significantly affect the longevity of the home.

Thermal Imaging Scan

Thermal imaging is a tool that can reveal moisture and insulation concerns that are hidden to the eye. Drywall can appear and feel dry, but there can be moisture below the surface. This could be from plumbing leaks, roof leaks or foundation leaks. Every home inspection performed by Fortified includes a thorough thermal scan from foundation to roof. Any identified issues are recorded in the inspection report along with pictures.

Free Follow Up Inspection

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to inspect every item in a home due to furniture placement and storage and in the winter, snow prevents a proper inspection of the roof and grade. That’s why we’ll come back after you’ve taken possession of your home to inspect those items that we were unable to inspect during the inspection.

Water Testing

As part of a home inspection we are able to test the quality of the water in your home. A sample is taken during the inspection and delivered to a laboratory for testing. Results are normally available within a couple days and will be emailed to you.

$10,000 Honour Guarantee

Our certifying authority, InterNACHI, is so confident in the integrity of their inspectors that they back it up with a $10,000 guarantee. For more details on this guarantee, click here.

Septic Systems

There are two types of Septic System inspections: Functional inspection and Maintenance inspection. A Functional inspection involves pumping out the septic tank and checking the inside of the tank and connections. This can only be done by a septic contractor. A Maintenance inspection identifies where the parts of the system are located, describe to the client how the system functions and educate on how to maintain the system.

At Fortified Home Inspections, we’re certified to provide Maintenance inspections for clients who are considering purchasing a farm home or acreage with a private septic system.

10% Next Home Inspection

It would be great if the first house were always the one we end up with, and while that is often the case, it isn’t always. That’s why if you don’t complete your offer on a house that we inspect, and continue your search, we’ll offer you 10% off subsequent inspections until you get the house you want!