Is a Home Inspection worth the cost?

It’s spring time now which gets me to thinking about outdoor stuff and how I can make my backyard a more enjoyable place to hang out, do some work and give my kids a cool place to have fun.  And one of the places I head to to look for cool backyard stuff is, of course, Costco.

As I was going through looking at different stuff, I came across the patio table and 2 chairs that you see pictured above. Nice little table and 2 decent looking chairs. But more than the furniture itself, I noticed the price tag: $450. 

That's the same cost as a home inspection. So if you were buying a home this spring, you could spend $450 buying a small table and 2 chairs for your patio (which would probably be in a garage sale in 5 years anyway) or your could invest the same amount of money on getting your home inspected.  Which one do you think is a better investment?

According to the Edmonton Real Estate Board, the average price for a single family home in Edmonton in 2015 was $439,815.  So for about 0.1% of that cost (or 1/1,000), you can get Fortified to inspect your home before you make possibly the single biggest financial decision of your life. 

Or you could buy a small table and two chairs at Costco for your garage sale in 5 years.

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